Halden 2010 !

The last weekend in june our neighbour town Halden have a tree days festival.  Halden is a beautyful litle town near the boarede to Sweeden in the south.  Over loocking the town from the top of the hill, is Fredriksten festning. In 1661 the danish king  Frederik III (1609-1670) starten building the fort.  It was constantly war between Denmark and Sweeden from 1650 to 1660 when they faught over this part of Norway.  The sweedish king Karl XII was shot in the head on this fort  11. december 1718.   We was rouled by this two kingdoms on and of for many years.
We was our own kingdom during the wikings. And we got our national law 17 of may 1814, still ruled by the danish king,
17 may is our national day and we selabrate with flag and childrensparade every year.  In 1905 a member of the danish royal famely, princ Carl was sent to Norway and he become Norways first king in modern times.   And it was given him a new name, Håkon vII, he ruled from 1905-1957. His son Olav V from 1957 - 1991. And to day his grandson posseses the trown,  Harald V.
The history is impressiv but  way to long so I end it here for  this time and instead give you some pictures from this weekends - food and wooden boat festival- so enjoy :)

spring-roll sale , a litle lady from Vietnam and a big wiking from Norway.

Fredriksten fort.

this picture I like the most:)


Salty- food!


OK!! I dont get it, but it is a money saver,, 2 in 1...

where is the baby ??
someone just won the hole junk-lottery...


spray-can  artist.

gooood coooold beer.

They played so happy music..

Even smaller than the Vietnamese-lady....

Long hard day for those two fellows!

Halden is "world known"  in Norway for all there  Am-cars!

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Britt Synnøve

27.jun.2010 kl.21:22


Fikk liksom en liten opplevelse av det jeg å....takk ;)))


08.jul.2010 kl.17:26

Britt Synnøve: Takk :))

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