Blåbærtur ! ........................... Picking blueberry !

Sunday in the forest picking blueberry !
My husbond and I, our neighbour and my best friend, her son and a to other friends.
5 minutes from our home and in to the forest this delicious berry waits for us to come pick them :O)

More pictures of how to use the scoop, under.
Blueberry scoop! You will pick  so mush more berry with this device.. You just comb the bushes from the underside and up and the berry fall in to the scoop. You can use it for partridgeberry to.. Back when I was a litle girl my mother had one like this, but made out of wood.
The tray in the bascet is to pour the berry into after picking and all leaves fall out when you shake it a litle.

My husbond cleaning berry from leaves.

cofee break !

You just have to shoop and there is nothing else to it :O)

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