Down goes the chimney !

In juni 2000 I bought this house. I loved it, and I could move in to my childhood neighbourhood again. And my next door neighbour was my old childhood friend. BUT the chimney and the fireplace, I hated it. Not because it was so ugly, but because it took up so mush space in our livingroom.  In 2004 my husbond moved in :O) At first I was thinking that he would move right back out again, if I told him that I wanted to take out our chimney and fireplace.  But the famely expanded by our childres wifes and girlfriens, and the litle grandchildren with them :O)and our livingroom was seamd to be smaler and smaler  So I desided to open my suprice to him !
He looked at me and I was surten that he would start to talk for hours about the job, problems and the cost . I couth him on a good day :) and the rest is history ..

Our old fireplace !

No way back !

Working hard !

Attic! We have a hole in the roofe :)

Coming down into the livingroom !

With some parts from the old chimney !
Statue of liberty !

Looking from the bacement and all the way out trough the attic..

Thats the way a cookie crumbles!
I love the spase :O)

Just so no one falls down in to the bacement. Only use for food and drinks :O)

He can make me smile even on the darkest days ! 

The hard work is done. It`s time for some BBQ and a rest for the men. With good help from my friend we cleaned the house in 3 hours..

My friend and neighbour

My husbonds best-man at our wedding.. And our best-man today :)

My neigbours son !

Next step : new fireplace and chimney !

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